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At Arc Health, we are committed to providing clinicians with the necessary resources to serve Indigenous communities across the United States. We believe that cultural competency and cultural humility of health care professionals facilitate better relationships between providers and patients, resulting in better health outcomes. Most importantly, as allies to Indigenous communities, we honor and respect tribal values.

From this site, we hope to give clinicians the necessary foundation on Indigenous experiences, propelling you to further explore the land you are on and the local tribes you are serving.

Best Practices for Working with Native Americans


How to be an Ally to Indigenous Communities

• Give land recognition

• Appreciate the diversity of tribes – every nation has its own history, values, & culture 

• Respect and support sovereignty

• Resist stereotypes

• Read & promote the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

• Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day in lieu of Columbus Day

Re-Learning History


  • Estimated that there were 10-50 million people living on the land now known as North America
  • Over 1000 spoken languages
  • Vast cultural diversity across tribes
    • Time
    • Language
    • Power, class, hierarchy
    • Gender & sexuality

U.S. Government Engagement in Ethnocide


U.S. Government admits to unauthorized sterilization of Native women

  • In 1976, the General Accountability Office (GAO) confirmed that doctors performed over 3,000 sterilizations on Native women without permission from 1973-1976
  • Dr. Pinkerton-Uri (Choctaw/Cherokee) presented findings in a court case that found that 1 in 4 Native women had been sterilized without their consent
  • Most of these women were in their twenties

Dr. Donald Warne’s Model on the Inter-Generational Basis for Chronic Disease Disparities Among AI/AN

 Indigenous Health & Wellness


Our Vision

A world where the most vulnerable populations have equitable access to the best health professionals.

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