Where there is no doctor today, we recruit and retain the best physicians in the most underserved communities.

Our vision is a world where the most vulnerable communities have access to the best health professionals

Arc Health is the first public benefit medical staffing company to focus singularly on achieving health equity through the recruitment and retention of the best doctors for the underserved.

Choose A Path For You

Arc Ambassador

Providers commit to Arc Health for two years and are compensated with competitive salary.

Arc Shares

Providers who have commitments elsewhere but are still committed to health equity can sign with Arc Health for two years with at least 50% commitment to Arc Health.

Arc Link

Providers who are unable to make a full-time commitment to Arc Health can work part-time with competitive hourly pay.

Arc Independent

For providers who are committed to health equity but are available only on an irregular basis.

“When most of us think back to what brought us to health or medicine in the first place, it was a desire to serve in the most vulnerable communities. This is an opportunity to use our knowledge and skills unselfishly in a place that really needs us!”
- Arc Health Doctor

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Together, we can make a difference
“At Arc Health, we believe good health is achievable for even the most vulnerable populations in our world. Our mission is to attain health equity through the recruitment and retention of human resources for health in underserved populations.”

Dr. Phuoc Le


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Our Vision

A world where the most vulnerable populations have equitable access to the best health professionals.



Redmond, Oregon

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