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Universal Health Coverage

What is Universal Health Coverage?

It is giving people access to a range of health services from prevention to treatment.


To protect people from paying out-of-pocket for necessary health care services that would unnecessarily drive them into poverty.

According to WHO,

  1. About 100 million people are still being pushed into extreme poverty because they have to pay for health care
  2. Over 800 million people (almost 12% of the world’s population) spent at least 10% of their household budgets to pay for health care
  3. At least half of the world’s population still do not have full coverage of essential health services

Community Health Workers

On May 22, 2019, WHO announced its resolution to recognize and support community health worker programs.


Community health workers are vital in addressing nutrition, education, health, gender, employment, and inequalities— especially in low- and middle- income countries.

They help deliver preventative, promotive, and curative services, especially to women and vulnerable populations.

There is a plethora of evidence-based research that shows how essential community health workers are to the health care team.

Why are CHWs essential in reaching universal health coverage?

Community health workers are:

  • From the community they are serving
  • Speak the community’s language
  • Have the trust of their community

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