Arc Health, PBC, is excited to announce that Rear Admiral (ret) James M. Galloway, MD, has joined Arc Health, PBC, as its Chief Medical and Partnership Officer. Dr. Galloway is a United States cardiovascular medical doctor and public health physician with extensive experience in developing innovative programs that leverage social medicine tenets. Taking a team approach to healthcare, Dr. Galloway infuses his passion for social justice and health care equity into Arc Health as it continues to expand and serve the most underserved and vulnerable populations.

Dr. Galloway is an internationally recognized public speaker, physician, and scientist with proven expertise within both academic and federal sectors as an adept liaison and relationship mediator with corporations, foundations, and organizations. An esteemed leader in public and healthcare policy, Dr. Galloway is an expert in organizational and collaboration development, program evaluation, strategic planning, and outcome measurement.

Dr. Galloway dedicated his early career to serving the underserved domestic indigenous populations. As an internist on the Hopi, Whiteriver, Fort Apache, and San Carlos Indian Reservations, Dr. Galloway garnered recognition for his research on the major increase in cardiovascular disease among American Indians. Following his services as the chief medical officer at Whiteriver Indian Hospital, he was accepted into a cardiovascular fellowship at the University of Arizona, where he remained on faculty upon completion. While there, Dr. Galloway founded the Native American Cardiology Program, which now serves the American Indians of southwestern United States. Dr. Galloway’s work and experience with the Native American people led to his appointment as the national senior cardiologist for Indian Health Services.

After 15 years as an academic cardiologist, Dr. Galloway served the federal government in numerous capacities, including Assistant U.S. Surgeon General under the Bush and Obama administrations. He was selected by Obama as the senior health official for both Deepwater Horizon and the Department of Homeland Security’s Region C’s Pandemic Influenza and Bioterrorism response. As director of the Office of Health System Collaboration, Dr. Galloway initiated one of Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s leading efforts in integrating clinical care and public health at a national level.

Dr. Galloway’s demonstrated passion for advancing health equity in underserved, rural communities, and his experience in implementing strategic plans and partnerships is a welcomed addition to the Arc Health team and its mission and vision.