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What is different about Arc Health that sets it apart from other medical staffing organizations?

First, we hope to work ourselves out of a job. We believe that the most impoverished communities deserve the best clinicians to achieve health equity. When the communities we work with are fully staffed with the best providers, then we can close our operations there and seek other opportunities. Second, we are not profit-driven, but social impact-driven. In this vein, we are committed to investing heavily in community-led pathway programs to train clinicians so that our first goal above is achieved in the long term. Third, we are only interested in serving the communities that have the most difficult time recruiting the most qualified providers. These may be the most challenging settings, but also the most rewarding for providers because their impact can be so significant.

What kinds of opportunities does Arc Health have for clinicians?

We regularly have opportunities for Family and Internal Medicine physicians, family and adult NPs and PAs, urgent care clinicians, hospitalists, and Emergency Medicine clinicians. The majority of our opportunities are in an outpatient or primary care setting. If you are a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, you will work through Pinnacle Emergency Medical Group.

Can I work part-time for Arc Health?

Arc Health will work with you to tailor either part-time or full-time work that fulfills our social mission and allows you to make the most impact.

Our Arc Shares, Arc Link, and Arc Independent career pathways are created to accommodate clinicians with busy schedules. Check out our Career Pathways page here.

Are there opportunities for non-physician providers?

Yes, Arc Health is seeking physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals. If you are interested in our mission and partnering with us, please contact us here.

What incentives will I receive if I join Arc Health?

Arc Health will cover the costs of travel and lodging in most cases. Medical malpractice insurance is also included. In addition, Arc Health aims to build a community of providers who share a social mission and who want to improve their own skills to serve the most vulnerable populations. As such, Arc Health will provide educational resources such as funding that may count towards CMEs.

What is it like to be an Arc Health clinician?

Arc Health clinicians are a part of something larger than day-to-day clinical activities. Outside of working alongside employees at hardworking and deserving small, rural health centers, you will also be invited into a supportive and dedicated community of like-minded healthcare practitioners from around the US. We regularly connect with clincians to ensure they are supported, coordinate all clinician meetings where we host a forum to discuss challenges, solutions, and engage in meaningful discussion with other clinicians, and encourage resource sharing among providers via social media, email, and WhatsApp groups.

Visit our Clinicians page to meet a few of the exceptional individuals we get to work with.