Arc Health

Our ethos is….


Committing fiercely to reducing health disparities and advancing health equity for the underserved.


Delivering care with compassion and cultural humility.


Serving exclusively rural, tribal, and underserved communities.

Company Ethos
Social Medicine

Vision and Mission

OUR VISION is a world where the most vulnerable communities have access to the best health professionals.

OUR MISSION is to connect the best healthcare clinicians to the underserved, while utilizing an ethos embedded in health equity and social justice. We actively seek physicians and other advanced practice clinicians of multiple specialties to serve rural, underserved, and tribal communities. We prioritize working with dedicated and energetic clinician leaders who embrace our mission and the practice of social medicine.

Our Core Values








Quality healthcare for all is a basic human right

We believe high quality healthcare should be accessible to all.

Uncompromised patient health outcomes

We support our clinicians and staff in their professional development so that they can provide excellent care for patients, resulting in uncompromised patient health outcomes.

Attention to the social determinants of health

Our clinicians work to alleviate longstanding health disparities by paying attention to and addressing the ‘upstream’ factors of health, such as race and ethnicity, gender, housing, the environment, education, and socioeconomic status.

Leadership with cultural humility and compassion

We assess clinicians for their ability to practice cultural humility, compassion, and integrity, recognizing that these attributes improve the patient experience. We provide training and preparation for our clinicians in advance of them serving a community that may be different from their own.

Integration of sound business practices and social impact in everything we do

We recognize that we operate within a market-based environment and hold ourselves to the highest standard of business practices. We balance our business practices with mission-driven decisions that further our social purpose as a public benefit company.

Targeted and thoughtful support for clinicians

We value the emotional well-being of our clinicians and coordinate targeted programs to support them as individuals and healthcare professionals.

Yielding to change and growth

We strive to continuously improve the quality of our work and reject complacency in times of change and growth.


Social Medicine?

Arc Health clinicians aim to understand the social, historical, environmental, structural, and political forces that impact health. In everyday clinical care, they address the social dimensions of health and illness, or the ‘upstream’ factors like poverty, the environment, education, housing, and the larger healthcare system.

Our clinicians work both in and outside of the clinical setting to advocate for patients and alleviate disparities. As a company, Arc Health pushes itself and our clinicians to engage with issues of social justice and equity in order to increase our understanding of the social determinants of health.

Social Medicine

Our Story

Our co-founder, Dr. Phuoc Le arrived in the U.S. as a refugee from Vietnam at the age of five. He personally experienced the effects of health inequality, leading him to dedicate his career to serving the most impoverished communities.

In 2014, Dr. Le co-founded the HEAL Initiative at UCSF, a global health delivery fellowship program that supports health care practitioners who make service to the poor their first career choice.

In 2018, he co-founded Arc Health, with the ambition to transform medical staffing into an industry focused on health equity and robust human resources for health in underserved communities.

Our story
Pinnable Emergency Medical Group
In 2020, Arc Health announced a strategic combination with Pinnacle Emergency Medical Group and expanded its service offerings to include emergency medicine clinicians. Today, Arc Health and Pinnacle work together to expand the reach of high-quality emergency and primary medical care to rural, tribal, and underserved communities.
Health Equity

Who We Are

Phuoc Van Le, MD

Phuoc Van Le, MD

Co-Founder & Board Chair

Dr. Le is an internist and pediatrician, and Associate Professor at UCSF and UC Berkeley. He is currently the Vice Dean for Medical Education at VinUniversity College of Health Sciences in Hanoi, Vietnam. In addition, he is an adjunct professor of medicine and pediatrics at UCSF.

Dr. Le steers Arc Health’s vision and core values, drawing from decades of experience in rural and global clinical settings. He is dedicated to supporting the next generation of health equity practitioners.

Dave Shaffer

Dave Shaffer

Co-Founder & CEO
Dave is a social entrepreneur who believes in the true value of each individual. Building on his management and accounting education from Purdue University and his CPA certification, he has spent the last 20 years leading and growing social enterprises that serve individuals who traditionally are left behind. His core belief that with appropriate focus and alignment, healthy businesses should play an important role in the overall ecosystem.

Prior to Arc Health, Dave led two not-for-profit employment agencies. First Step Staffing focused on employment for persons experiencing homelessness and before that DePaul Industries which served those with disabilities. Prior to DePaul, Dave Co-Founded and led Moonstruck Chocolatier, a successful high end chocolate company. Dave has won numerous awards during his career, among those the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year accolade in 2012.

Health Equity

The Team

James Galloway

James Galloway


Kyle Addison Knueppel

Kyle Addison Knuppel


Kyle Addison Knueppel

Niki Simoneaux


Company Ethos

William Clemmons


Vida Khow

Vida Khow


Focus on what drew you to medicine

Julie Van Boerum

Focus on what drew you to medicine

Candie Moran

Bridget Garland

Bonnie Hamel

Focus on what drew you to medicine

ReNisha Smith

Sarah Curl

How It Works For Clinicians
Native Arc

Meet the newest leader in Indian healthcare staffing

NativeArc – a joint venture between Arc Health and Native American Healthcare Solutions – delivers exceptional healthcare staffing services to Title 1 and Title V Tribal Health Programs and Indian Health Service clinics and hospitals. Under the leadership of Ms. Vida Khow, NativeArc brings together high quality healthcare staffing with Indian healthcare training and consultation.

NativeArc is a true partner with Tribal hospitals and clinics, delivering a comprehensive and culturally humble staffing solution. It is a Native American owned, woman-owned, small business, as well as a participant, with Arc Health, in the Small Business Administration’s mentor-protégé program.



Interested in joining our community?
Read on for answers to our frequently asked questions or get in touch.

What is different about Arc Health that sets it apart from other medical staffing organizations?

First, we hope to work ourselves out of a job. We believe that the most impoverished communities deserve the best clinicians to achieve health equity. When the communities we work with are fully staffed with the best providers, then we can close our operations there and seek other opportunities. Second, we are not profit-driven, but social impact-driven. In this vein, we are committed to investing heavily in community-led pathway programs to train clinicians so that our first goal above is achieved in the long term. Third, we are only interested in serving the communities that have the most difficult time recruiting the most qualified providers. These may be the most challenging settings, but also the most rewarding for providers because their impact can be so significant.

What kinds of opportunities does Arc Health have for clinicians?

We regularly have opportunities for Family and Internal Medicine physicians, family and adult NPs and PAs, urgent care clinicians, hospitalists, and Emergency Medicine clinicians. The majority of our opportunities are in an outpatient or primary care setting. If you are a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, you will work through Pinnacle Emergency Medical Group.

Can I work part-time for Arc Health?

Arc Health will work with you to tailor either part-time or full-time work that fulfills our social mission and allows you to make the most impact.

Our Arc Shares, Arc Link, and Arc Independent career pathways are created to accommodate clinicians with busy schedules. Check out our Career Pathways page here.

Are there opportunities for non-physician providers?

Yes, Arc Health is seeking physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals. If you are interested in our mission and partnering with us, please contact us here.

What incentives will I receive if I join Arc Health?

Arc Health will cover the costs of travel and lodging in most cases. Medical malpractice insurance is also included. In addition, Arc Health aims to build a community of providers who share a social mission and who want to improve their own skills to serve the most vulnerable populations. As such, Arc Health will provide educational resources such as funding that may count towards CMEs.

What is it like to be an Arc Health clinician?

Arc Health clinicians are a part of something larger than day-to-day clinical activities. Outside of working alongside employees at hardworking and deserving small, rural health centers, you will also be invited into a supportive and dedicated community of like-minded healthcare practitioners from around the US. We regularly connect with clincians to ensure they are supported, coordinate all clinician meetings where we host a forum to discuss challenges, solutions, and engage in meaningful discussion with other clinicians, and encourage resource sharing among providers via social media, email, and WhatsApp groups.

Visit our Clinicians page to meet a few of the exceptional individuals we get to work with.

Join Our Community

Join Our Community!

If you are a prospective clinician or a healthcare service provider in need of high-quality staffing, reach out to us.