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Born in Vietnam, co-founder Dr. Phuoc Le arrived in the United States as a refugee at the age of 5. He personally experienced the effects of health inequality, leading him to dedicate his career to serving the most impoverished communities. He now incorporates his experiences, from working in Liberia and Malawi to co-founding a fellowship that brings providers to the Navajo Nation, to Arc Health.

Dave Shaffer, the CEO and co-founder of Arc Health, brings what he learned while expanding two not-for-profits that served vulnerable populations, together with Dr. Phuoc Le’s vision.

Together, they are aligning the needs of the patients, clinics, and providers to create the first true Public Benefit Company that will transform what healthcare looks like in rural underserved communities.


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Our Vision

A world where the most vulnerable populations have equitable access to the best health professionals.

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Redmond, Oregon

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