In Solidarity with Rural Communities During COVID-19 Pandemic

At Arc Health, we understand that during times of crisis, it is the underserved who are the most impacted. It is our responsibility to ensure that the most vulnerable still have access to and receive the best care possible. Please join us in our efforts to bring focus to rural communities during this pandemic. It is our mission to serve the underserved, and we ask you to unite with us.

Our blog, “COVID-19 Pandemic Puts Rural and Tribal Communities at Great Risk“, explains how COVID-19 is impacting rural tribal communities throughout the US and how healthcare workers must be cognizant of structural inequalities in healthcare.


How Do Pandemics Affect Rural Communities? One Doctor's Take On What To Expect

An informative interview concerning COVID-19 in rural communities with our Co-Founder, Dr. Phuoc Le, and Marfa Public Radio.

Where there is no doctor today, we recruit and retain the best physicians in the most underserved communities.

Our vision is a world where the most vulnerable communities have access to the best health professionals

Arc Health is the first public benefit medical staffing company to focus singularly on achieving health equity through the recruitment and retention of the best doctors for the underserved.


Choose A Path For You

Global & Local Pathway

Providers practice from 6 to 12 month rotations between domestic and international sites and are compensated with competitive salary

Part-Time Provider

Providers can serve vulnerable communities even if they cannot permanently relocate by providing temporary in-person rotations.

Shared Panel Pathway

Team up with other providers to share a patient panel, with short rotation every few months and physicians can be based in an urban setting while serving an underserved community.

Specialists Pathway

Opportunities for urban-based specialists or faculty in academic settings to reach communities and serve patients via telemedicine.

“When most of us think back to what brought us to health or medicine in the first place, it was a desire to serve in the most vulnerable communities. This is an opportunity to use our knowledge and skills unselfishly in a place that really needs us!”

- Arc Health Doctor

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Together, we can make a difference

At Arc Health, we believe good health is achievable for even the most vulnerable populations in our world. Our mission is to attain health equity through the recruitment and retention of human resources for health in underserved populations.

Dr. Phuoc Le



Our Vision

A world where the most vulnerable populations have equitable access to the best health professionals.


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